What is your Goal

Your CI.Zero Fit Pants can follow you in your weekly health, sport and wellness routine. Do you know that a healthy body has a positive development on the psyche?

Smile you are beautiful!


use the " FUNCTIONAL TRAINING " program, lasting 20 minutes, 1 or 2 times a week, carrying out a circuit of exercises, if your FOCUS is toning and firming , metabolic awakening , more toned skin , greater mobility and balance , remodeling , loss of centimeters.

!! For adequate muscular work it is necessary to increase the pulse intensity progressively during the execution of the program until you feel a good degree of fatigue ! For a training and effective workout, keep the level of fatigue constant... how? Raise the pulse!

use the "REGENERATION" program, lasting 30 minutes, 2 or 3 times a week, combining it with a brisk walk, if your FOCUS is to have light legs, drain liquids , deflate. Give a BOOSTER to your walk !
You can also use this program as a cool-down after a functional training session.


Use the "FUNCTIONAL TRAINING" program to work on volume , strength and strengthening of the athletic movement , to achieve your best sporting performance.
Compared to traditional weight training, even deeper muscles are activated, which leads to better intra- and inter-muscle coordination, as well as superior toning. The intensity of muscle contraction with ems CI.Zero technology is higher and stronger than a voluntary effort, allowing you to optimize training times.
For an effective workout, progressively increase the pulse throughout the session.


Use the "REGENERATION" program, lasting 30 minutes, as a post-performance, post-workout and post-functional training session cool-down, thus allowing the muscles to recharge their energy and rebuild.

(*) buono valido per una spesa di almeno 100 euro