CI.Zero Fit Method is an Italian brand of products and services in the field of sport and wellness.

But where does this name come from?

Cinzia, one of the CO-FOUNDERS of the brand, daughter of an entrepreneur in the textile sector, decides to undertake a path of diversification and INNOVATION within the company. Strengthened by many years of internal experience and naturally inclined towards the product, supported by his father and together with him, he accepted the challenge of creating a textile garment that could be INTELLIGENT , i.e. capable of receiving an electrical signal, without the use of cables connected to the electricity .


They create the "ONEsie", an unprecedented, high-performance and long-lasting garment.

And the name? CI (Cinzia) Zero (new adventure in the company).

And what purpose would this INTELLIGENT SUIT have been used for?

The objective was to combine this intelligent onesie with an electronic muscle electrostimulation device which would transmit an impulse to the electrodes integrated into the onesie , corresponding to the largest muscle groups so as to amplify their activity during total-body training and reduce the duration: TIME OPTIMIZATION , to respond to market demand!

Cinzia , mother of 2, and business woman , had very clear ideas: time for herself, between home and work was non-existent but her psycho-physical well-being was important... how many women, mothers, but also business men , athletes, sportsmen, found themselves experiencing the same situation!?
There was demand on the market, so it was necessary to give people the opportunity to try the CI.Zero (Fit Method) method .

With her sister Carla , lawyer and mother of 1 and her dear friend Adele , successful entrepreneur and mother of 4, an all-pink team was born, Pink Fit srl which gave life to the CI.Zero Fit Method studies (now numbering 10) where personalized sessions are offered with qualified personal trainers who tailor-made a total workout for the user.

From the very first openings, there was an insistent request from users geographically distant from the studios to practice the method.
Thus, CI.Zero FIT PANTS was born from professional experience to allow everyone, wherever they are, to train with the same technology as the CI.Zero Fit Method studios, but also remotely.

(*) buono valido per una spesa di almeno 100 euro