Because IT WORKS

We have brought the PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE of Studio CI.Zero into a product that can be used by the final consumer, independently where he wants, when and how he wants.

An extremely versatile tool, with wireless EMS technology and total freedom of movement that will help you achieve your goals.
The integrated electronic device will deliver a clean, intense, deep and controlled impulse to the muscles involved during the session, through the electrodes positioned in correspondence with the ABDOMEN; BUTTOCKS; ADDUCTORS, QUADRICEPS AND HAMMIRS to reach the deeper muscle layers that are more difficult to activate through conventional training.

The intensity of muscle contraction with ems CI.Zero technology is higher and stronger than a voluntary effort;

The TECHNOLOGY + WORKOUT combo will therefore allow you to achieve your goals with sessions of ONLY 20 minutes . You will be able to choose between two distinct programs, in relation to your objective. Visit the “What is your goal” section to find out more.

(*) buono valido per una spesa di almeno 100 euro